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carol roemer

studio #5

Like many other artists, as and child I loved to make art. My father worked in a steel mill tending the great furnaces there. Furnace temperatures were recorded on large rolls of graph paper that he’d bring home for me to use to make my art. Sometimes I’d color in the fields of little rectangles to make my pictures; sometimes I’d use the blank side for wild experiments.

My artwork includes drawing, painting, pastel, jewelry and mixed media, each chosen to express an idea, feeling, or emotion. It is based on my interest in the elements of art and the imagery from past cultures. It reflects my background in drawing and painting, art history, and over 30 years of teaching classes in studio and ancient, tribal, and Pre-Columbian art. My B.A. is in Drawing and Painting, M.A. in Art History, and my PhD. focused on the history of the arts in America.

These interests emerge in my paintings, mixed media work, collages, and books. My work is a mixture of many media and techniques, and I often take chances combining them. Like a magpie I’m attracted to one sparkly method after another. I explore many avenues in the creative process– polymer clay, collage, acrylic and spray paint, even scrapbooking, and I’m often surprised by what happens when they’re combined. A needle and thread from book arts helps hold a torn paper detail from collage to a spray painted canvas that had wall spackle and vermiculite spread over heavy acrylic medium painted over a foundation of cadmium red.

My recent work has been shown at Hellada Gallery, Long Beach Arts, CALB and in selected exhibitions, and can be found in private collections.

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This location will have activities for children and is dog-friendly.


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