eliza solorzano

studio #19

I photograph as I venture through life.

Some images are of beautiful and unintended sculptures. These are public and visual eyesores and also nostalgic remnants of our common history. Other images are of modern and utilitarian infrastructure. These are practical and textural substructures and also concrete evidence connecting us in our everyday lives. Within all of these landscapes, random colors, obscure broken/straight/curved line work, and elaborate details catch my eye.


I want to share what I see.



Eliza M. Solorzano (b. 1959, Lakewood, California) lives and works in the city of Long Beach. She received her first camera in 1972 and has been an amateur photographer ever since. She has worked professionally for 30 years in the accounting sector of business. Solorzano earned her licensed as a California Real Estate Agent in 1997 and her certification with the California Apartment Managers Association in 2004.

Eliza’s artistic adventures have taken her to Chihuahua, Mexico. In the remote town of Mata Ortiz she learned to create the regional pottery by two of the noted sculptors there: Hector and Graciela Gallegos. This pivotal life experience moved her to explore multiple artistic expressions including candle-making, beadwork, ceramics and photography.