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helen werner cox

studio #26

Helen Werner Cox trained as a classical painter and art educator in Boston University’s School of Fine Arts. Retiring from a deeply gratifying career teaching art and promoting literacy in Boston and in Long Beach, Cox spent the past ten years developing the full dimensions of her own art. Since graduating with an MFA from CSULB in 2016, she has been a practicing painter and printmaker.


Cox enjoys a variety of materials and themes. She documented the construction of Long Beach’s new bridge on location, standing near the edge among the cranes. Millennials, her portraits of young people, peeled back the social veneer revealing the vulnerable person underneath. Most recently, a deep emotional response to the political turmoil of the past few years motivated the series Black Lives Matter: Entering an Era of Rebellion.


Between the intellectual challenge of developing her painting skills, the physical strenuousness of painting on the bridge, and the emotional energy that went into her political series, Cox needed a break. It came in the form of an enormous 13-room dollhouse left for free on a neighbor’s curb which she is renovating and transforming into a storybook dollhouse. Each room will feature a classic children’s book.


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