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lance carlson

studio #11

Lance Carlson was born in Long Beach, and grew up in Orange County. After studying art at Cypress College and California State University, Long Beach, he enjoyed a long career as Lead Interior Designer, curating the art mix for each project. Over time, he came to recognize the "secret sauce" that would bring everything together often was the selected art.

Lance transitioned to painting full-time in 2018, creating multi-layered, mixed-media abstract paintings. Each piece begins with an idea and continues as a journey of personal expression and exploration. The core of his work is the interplay of differences...light and dark, raw and refined, thick and thin, to spark visual tension and interest. Combinations of lines, textures, shapes and color take on their own meaning, often independent of his

original intent. Once done, he hopes the viewer can find their own story, their own meaning in the work.

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