marka burns

studio #21

Marka Burns collects images in a variety of ways depending on the meaning and intention of the work. She often works with transparencies, photographs, old books, cameras, printers and digital processes to create unexpected combinations in her artwork. Even though her inspirations and interests change over time, a sustaining interest and fascination has been the multiple meanings elicited from putting together unexpected images.  

It is hard to convey in words what she does in a visual way. She simply lets her intuition take over after planning what the overall theme will be.  Often times she is rewarded with what seems to be a mysterious intervention that some might call the ‘flow state.  She states: “’ It is fascinating to see how ephemeral ideas connect to images, allowing me to preserve fragile moments of insight”.

Burns received her BFA from the Chouinard Art Institute and an MFA from California State University Long Beach. She taught art education and fine art at Cal State for 32 years, and continues to work at the University supervising student teachers. After retiring in 2012 she has been involved in making art and. exhibiting.

As co-founder of the Long Beach Creative Group she has exhibited as well as helped launch a number of exhibits at Greenly Gallery, Portfolio Coffee House, The Center Gallery, Liberty Gallery and The Long Beach Playhouse, Most recently the LBCG received a Port of Long Beach sponsorship award and a Arts Council grant. Since 2015 she has participated The Long Beach Studio Tour.