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michael stearns

studio #25

My art tells a story and conveys a message.

In sculpture I cull organic materials to tap into the source of the narrative and to chronicle the physical organism while honoring its offering. Combining these materials with urban cast-offs, I mix them with creative force. This culminates with a manifestation of symbols incorporating devotional convictions, blended with the forward-thinking concepts found in the world of cosmology. 


Each sculptural work usually begins with a formalistic mysticism, but each piece takes on its own voice. Consequentially, the meaning changes during the formation, creating new archetypes.


In painting I apply colors in my paintings, as well as in sculptures that elicit feelings and reveal their own ardor, which will drive the work's direction.

My work is extremely sensitive to colors and to the edges of color. The threshold is where change occurs, it's where life is tested and provides a window to the natural cycles.

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