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nate jones

studio #22

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing and painting from California State University, Long Beach in 2005, and was the sole American accepted to the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze in 2003-04.  Since then I have exhibited in several shows in Southern California and Italy.

Throughout university I focused on the use of traditional media within the scope of drawing and painting. In recent years, I have been experimenting with tire shavings; a non- traditional material and industrial bi-product of my day job.  Initially the shavings functioned as only two-dimensional elements. However, after experimenting with them, I realized their great potential as a sculptural material and embarked on a totally new phase of artistic exploration.  


I now find the tire shavings to be the perfect medium to explore the formal qualities of art. I mold them to my desires while simultaneously listening to them for what they want to become.

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