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Born and raised in New England, Sandy Abrams spent most of her formative years in and around Boston.  She came to California in l968 and received her M.F.A from California State University at Long Beach in l992. She has exhibited nationally as well as at international and invitational shows.  She was awarded an artist in residence at Art Farm in Marquette, Nebraska, as well as a lengthy residence at Aras Eanna Art Center on Inis Oirr an Aran Island in Ireland.  

Her work whether in felt, rattan, wood or mixed materials exhibits her close relationship to nature. For it is here that she finds inspiration and solace from busy urban life. She has stated that process is the key word in the making of her art for it is through the repeated motions of twining, felting raw wool, stitching, tying knots or whatever, a sense of centeredness is created. She believes these acts are rewarding, revealing and a way of connecting to this earth and the spiritual.

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